Typing Games


If the keys do not work, click within the test screen to give it the focus.

Find Your Weak Keys

This test finds your weak keys.
Each letter appears 3 times in each test.
If you set the question range to the whole alphabet, for example, there will be 78 letters to type (26 letters at 3 times each).
The number of crosses shows the number of times that the key was not successfully pressed first at each of the 3 appearances.
The longer the average time taken to press a given key, the more opaque the blue rectangle turns.
Keys that have taken 2.0 seconds or more have a completely opaque rectangle.
Keys that have taken 0.5 seconds or less have a completely transparent rectangle.
Ticking ‘Display numbers’ displays the average time taken to press each key as a number.
This test shows up to 9.9 seconds. ‘Over’is displayed for numbers greater than this.
The test results can be printed or saved as an image.
The file name of the image is named based on the year, month, date and time of completion of the test.

Example of results screen

Display numbers